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Be afraid. Be just-the-right-level-of afraid.

Fearless Creativity is the mantra Taxi Studio lives by, but fearless doesn’t mean reckless. It means mastering your fear – learning the difference between the sort of ‘fear’ that pushes you forward and the ‘fear’ that holds you back. From physiology to phobias, this talk looks at how the right amount of collaboration and courage in the face of fear can breed success.

Claire Barrett is a Senior Creative Strategist at Taxi Studio. Having been inspired from a young age by Jonathan Creek, she’s now professionally inquisitive. Over the past eight years she’s used her sleuth-like skills to help clients such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Telefónica Digital shape their brands. Having won awards for both advertising and internal communications, Claire firmly believes in branding from the inside-out and that the key to unlocking powerful brand strategy lies in solving the mystery of human behaviour. 

This session is for junior planners, designers, account managers or students who want to sharpen their strategic skills.

Join Claire for an inspiring start to your day! 

9 – 10.30am
Wednesday 7th December

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Taxi Studio, Zone 7, 470 Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3HG