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The cobbler’s daughter or son: time to take your own advice, get a strategy and stick to it

We all bemoan those clients who give us briefs with no clear strategy underpinning them; but how good are we at taking our own advice? With some notable exceptions, not very. In fact, from a client perspective, the lack of clear strategy means it’s hard to tell one agency apart from another. The net result being that too many conversations with clients are about price rather than value. And too much new business energy is wasted on unfocused activities with minimal chance of success.

In this session you will learn the five key strategic questions every agency should be able to answer and how to begin finding out whether your strategy is good – or flawed. It’s aimed at decision makers in design agencies.

Chris Thurling is an experienced strategist, coach, mentor and digital marketer. He founded web design agency 3Sixty in 1995 and was MD for 17 years. Since 2012 he has been working with design and digital agencies, helping them develop and implement winning strategies. Chris is a Director of Bristol Media.

Join Chris for an inspiring start to your day! 

08:30 – 10:00am
Thursday 27th October

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MB Tempora (Dutch Barge), Welshback‪, Bristol, BS1 4SP