Events // Warm up act – Hana Sunny Whaler

We’re thrilled to welcome Hana Sunny Whaler as our WEDF warm up act for MultiAdaptor.

Our warm-up acts are rising creatives based in the West of England who will talk about their practice for 15 minutes before our main speaker. This is an opportunity to share what they do with a like-minded and supportive audience and for us to learn something new and get inspired.

Hana Sunny Whaler is a Sign Painter and Illustrator based in London. After graduating from Falmouth University in 2014, she spent three years living in Bristol and travelling as a sole trader around the South West of the country, painting all kinds of signs for all kinds of people. She recently re-located to South East London, and works from her studio and on-location for a wide variety of clients within the city and beyond it’s borders. 

Hana most enjoys working for small businesses with big personalities, and finds the most creative and personal satisfaction when she can design and create signage by hand from beginning to end using traditional techniques and tricks of the trade that have been passed down the generations. 

Over the course of her few years within the sign writing trade, Hana has thrown herself into the international sign painting community, regularly attending Letterheads conventions across the UK and abroad, and making connections with Sign Painters all over Europe. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and events which focus on the trade and highlight it’s importance as a traditional and informative art form, including participation in an international all-female exhibition at the Chicago Art Department in the summer of 2017, as well as organising and running exhibitions of her own in collaboration with other sign painters. 

Hana takes great pleasure in sharing and discussing her trade, and feels the timeless sense of quality and originality which hand-painted signs possess make them a vital element of the traditional high street, evidence of the ‘human hand’ which we must encourage and preserve in our built environment.  

See Hana’s work on her instagram account.

Photo Credit: Emma Luczyn at The Poach

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