Events // Warm up act – John Mawby

We’re thrilled to welcome John Mawby as our first WEDF warm up act for Jack Renwick.

Our warm-up acts are rising creatives based in the West of England who will talk about their practice for 15 minutes before our main speaker. This is an opportunity to share what they do with a like-minded and supportive audience and for us to learn something new and get inspired.

John is a lettercutter, creating beautiful lettering across a range of media, including stone, wood and paper.

Whilst studying Graphic Communication with Typography at Plymouth University, he found himself drawn to lettercutting after seeing a guest lecture by Lida Kindersley of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop. He found the auspicious alignment between craft and letterform charming and irresistible.

Accepted as an apprentice under the guidance of Lida and the workshop, he was taught all aspects of lettercutting giving him the theoretical and practical skills for him to hone his craft. The perfect harmony between typography and lettercutting has given him the freedom to explore and bring to life his creative ideas.

Recently, he has enjoyed working with clients that share his passion for lettering; this is perhaps what excites him most.

See some of John's work on Instagram.

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Just before Jack's talk, Arnolfini