Past event —

WEDF Talk // Graphic Storytelling – An evening with Noma Bar

  • Wednesday 13th March
  • Arnolfini, Bristol

By striving for maximum communication with minimum elements’ Noma Bar’s unique graphic style has become instantly recognisable throughout the world. Revered by his peers, he has won various industry awards, with his Cut It Out’ exhibition nominated for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2012. Join us for an evening of graphic discovery.

The ability to tell a story through a few, well-considered marks is a skill that Noma Bar has carefully mastered over the years. By finding the positive within the negative space, he is able to confidently present a subject, leaving you to discover the hidden thread and unravel the story.

Born in Israel, Noma studied graphic design in Jerusalem, before moving to London in 2001 where his passion for maximum communication with minimum elements’ eventually led to his signature style becoming instantly recognisable across the world.

Noma’s aptitude for graphic storytelling has enabled him to tackle countless subjects, from sketches of his commanding officers during military service and caricatures of famous characters, to more serious themes captured in deceptively simple illustrations. Many have graced the covers of publications such as The Guardian, Wallpaper and the New York Times, while others came together in the shape of two stunning books – The Many Faces of Noma Bar’ and Negative Space’.

Noma Bar // Graphic Storytelling from West of England Design Forum on Vimeo.