Review of 2016

The team at hat-trick launched our 2016 Talks programme with aplomb, giving us deep insight into the stories behind three of their biggest branding projects; Wimbledon, Prostate Cancer UK and Centre Point.

In March, we delved into the box of shiny things that go to creating the success of Magpie Studio we heard from Ben Christie and he talked us through the 10 lessons he has learnt along the way including that desirable four day working week as well as this thought Leave the suffering to the artists. Designers should be happy.’ Read the review here.

June took us to a place that none of thought we would ever go and just as 52% voted to leave Europe, we invited them in. WEDF went international and Snask and their band Vag #itmeansroad came from Sweden. Epitomising their own phrase when you are professional be professional and when you are rock n’ roll, be fucking rock n’ roll’ – they did just that. Semi-naked swedish rock gods and glitter canons, what a night! You can read the review, but really you had to be there.

September saw an audience of keen linguaphiles, equipped with pencils and paper for an evening brought to us by four wordsmiths all championing why words matter’, or as one of them pointed out why the right words matter’ Lindsay Camp, Mike Reed, Kendra Futcher and Clare Howdle. We had word based tasks set by each speaker and homework and we loved it. Read all about it here.

In October, we were ten and celebrated to the power of ten. 10 speakers, 10 cards, a massive cake and presents. We had a fantastic array of speakers from junior designers to experienced professionals, with live drawing and live rapping (and we’re not talking presents). Read about the party and the cards here.

December saw the stamp geek go weak at the knees when the
Royal Mail Special Stamps team came and talked about the work they do and the meticulous process of designing (probably) the smallest piece of print you’ll ever come across. Read about this remarkable evening here.

And in between these sell-out talks at the Arnolfini we’ve been busy delivering all sorts of other stuff you might not have realised. The Buddies scheme has partnered 15 UWE Graphic Design students with 15 agencies across Bristol and Bath. We had a fabulous our hand-on inky fingers
Summer School sessions with Dapper Signs, Meticulous Ink and Spike Print. We started our fourth series of Espresso Sessions in the autumn with sessions from Chris Thurling on Strategy for Small Design Businesses’, and with Taxi Studio on Fearless Creativity. From Good to Great Client Agency Partnerships’ with Taxi Studio’s Account Director Hannah Bartholomew, and Storytelling Systems’ with David Sloly are still to come.

And last but by no means least, we partnered with Just Design to create a brand-new map and guide for Bristol, if you haven’t already got your hands on one make it a new year’s resolution, find out your nearest stockist here.

Thanks to all of you for coming and supporting these event, without you there would be no WEDF. Thanks to all our speakers, our volunteers, our supporters and some extra special thanks goes out to Alan Smith
at With Print for our lovely new banners, our birthday cards and your continued support.