The people that make WEDF happen are volunteers.

It’s a labour of love. We do it because we believe in the power of good design and we’re motivated by what the West of England has to offer.

We believe that design is a creative catalyst that can help people, businesses and organisations across the region to thrive. By getting involved locally in a small way, you can help strengthen the national design industry as a whole.

If you share our belief in the power of good design, we need your help to create a thriving design community in the West of England. 

Get involved: hello@​wedesignforum.​co.​uk

Adrianbarclay Headshota

Adrian Barclay —

PALS Coordinator, Illustrator and all-round helper.

Design, Illustration and Brand Strategy at Marles & Barclay.

Emma B 700X700

Emma B —

WEDF's Managing Director.


Kendra Futcher —

Writer and part of the UP team.

Independent copywriter.

Kateg Photo

Kate Gordon —


Director at Brightspark PR and consultant to other PR agencies.

Robert Rawle

Robert Rawle —

Treasurer and Finance Director.

GP Director specialising in Media and Creative industries at Milsted Langdon.


Cal Jepps —

Talks team and designer.

Senior Designer at City ID.


Ali Slater —

Talks team and designer.

Senior Designer at Chase Design Group.

Unnamed 1

Yvette Commander —

Designer and part of the Design Buddy team.

Freelance Senior Creative Designer, specialising in digital and branding. 


Our vision has always been to create an active, vibrant and engaged design community in the West of England. A community that shines a light for the region; promotes the power and value of design; creates a culture of opportunity; inspires and provides new learning that grows people and businesses; and creates sustainable change. As volunteers, to do this, a strong sense of dedication is vital.

Proudly Regional

Creating a strong regional voice gives us more influence at a national level. We work with regional and national organisations including D&AD, The Design Programme, Design Council and Design Business Association (DBA) to campaign and influence decision-making that directly affects design. Our work with local universities such as UWE is a big part of what we do as it helps reinforce the region’s role within the design industry as a whole. 

Registered address – Milsted Langdon LLP, Freshford House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol, BS1 6NL