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WEDF Talk // Wiedemann Lampe

Mind / Matter: A talk on where you are vs where you want to be 

Alex and Benji are founding partners from Wiedemann Lampe — an international, inter-platform brand consultancy in London occupying the space between culture and commerce. They craft elegant inspirational and distilled solutions to complex problems through strategic thought, dynamic creativity and technological excellence.

Alex and Benji are a somewhat unique set-up — one deals mostly in words, the other in code, but both are designers at heart. When setting up their brand consultancy (without a client or a clue) they found themselves in the logo-and-a-website rut. 

Just over a decade later and they collide, create and connect for clients such as Natural History Museum, New Covent Garden Market, Science Museum, Kew Gardens, Pernod Ricard, British Fashion Council, the Venice Biennial and many more. 

Their projects span from strategic positioning and brand innovation to beautifully choreographed experiences, fluidly weaving between physical, digital and everything in between, helping clients move from where they are to where they want to be. 

Alex and Benji are joining us to talk about key moments and projects, and how they managed to break out of the rut, landing hugely complex branding briefs for some of the most influential cultural organisations around the globe and finding themselves much deeper in the machine room than they had anticipated. 

Expect a diverse breadth of work, nuggets of wisdom and why opposites attract. 

wiede​mannlampe​.com // @wiedemannlampe // wiedemannlampe

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Carl Godfrey

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He spends too much time on his laptop. From creating charity pins for the NHS to designing trophies for the British Athletics League and a road sign for the Royal Academy. Find out how Carl forgets his girlfriend’s birthday, never goes on holiday and is too busy to exercise.

Carl Godfrey