The Story of 5–9

In December 2013 WEDF released our first ever publication 5 – 9, a collection of creativity from outside the 9 – 5.

5 – 9 documents self-initiated creative projects done without a brief, a client or a fee by members of the West of England design community.

It displays 28 creations that are completely and unquestionably made by the designer, for the designer. Creations that are born from their own ideas and realised through their own perseverance and talent.

We published a limited edition of 500 copies of 5 – 9 and the book was featured on sites such as Digital Arts, Life Well Designed and It’s Nice That, aswell as articles in February, May and June for Cent magazine.

The whole purpose of this project was to promote the design and creative talent within the West of England and we hope the final collection does just this with an enriching, diverse and coherent snapshot of local creativity.

The generous support of our sponsors enabled us to do this project; Taylor Brothers, GF Smith, C&J Adams and Folcio Print Finishing.

Photographs: Sam Gibson